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In regard to the amount of laws, ordinances and guidelines, the entire law is too extensive for a single lawyer to be able to deal with them reliably. That is why we work together with several experienced specialists, so that we have a competent contact for every legal field ready for you.

We are personally active in the following areas of law:

Civil Law


  • Contract law

  • Perfomance disturbances

  • Consumer law

  • Tenancy and real estate law

  • Credit and mortgage law

  • Leasing/Financing

  • General terms and conditions


Tax Law
  • Strategic consulting

  • Tax declarations

  • Annual balances

  • Bookkeeping

  • Payroll


Corporate and Commercial Law

  • Formation and liquidation of corporations

  • Shareholder meetings

  • Llc law

  • Stock corporation law

  • Capital markets law

  • Compliance



Labour Law
  • Protection agains dismissal

  • Drafting of employment contracts

  • Management Issues

  • Labour Compliance

  • Litigation


Criminal Law

  • General criminal law

  • defense law/Criminal procedural law

  • Investigation procedure

  • Custody

  • Commercial criminal law

  • Cybercrime


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